Digimon Masters Online Hack

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Digimon Masters Online (often abbreviated DMO) is a massively multiplayer online game, featuring the Digimon franchise. The game is mostly know because of a previous game, Digimon Battle Online.

The game is a lot of fun at its core, but there are plenty of systems that can devalue it quickly, frustrating even the most experienced of players. Most of them relate to the greediness of the publisher – you won’t get far without using the cash shop. Or using the Digimon Masters Online Hack.

DMO is ridiculously unfair to those who do not wish to pay real world money. Hatching a 5/5 digimon is a nightmare, evoluters cost money, the exp rates are far from good without boosters, player shops are overpriced (making it impossible to get anything decent without using the cash shop anyway). The list just goes on.

The tool we discovered is most often used as a DMO premium silk hack, althought it can also generate money.

Digimon Masters Money Adder

This DMO cheat is very easy to use. The program is coded in a way that ensures your account safety – we have never received any bans or penalties for using it during our tests.

The hack has two main functions – generating money and silk. “Money” is generated in mega, which means typing in 1 000 000 will get you 1 million mega, or 1 terra. “Silk” actually gives you premium silk whenever possible.

Download below:


Download Digimon Masters Online Hack


To use the cheat, launch it on your desktop computer, enter your email and type in the amounts of money (in mega) and/or silk that you want, then hit “Generate”.