Dessert Chain: Coffee and Sweet Hack

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Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet is a time management game created by Touchten. The player goes through a series of levels, each with increasing difficulty, serving customers. The goal is to give each customer what they want before they get too impatient and leave. It’s a simple idea that’s been used before, but it does work. There may still be some issues with balancing, namely the customers seem to get too impatient too quickly, especially at the beginning before you are able to buy any upgrades. The graphics and audio are fine, perhaps they are not the top-tier perfect level, but there isn’t much to complain about.

We imagine this game can get a bit addictive, but it may be annoying to play for extended periods of time, especially with the issue mentioned above. Besides, it does take time to get anything decent in this game, which is supposed to force the player to either grind through the levels, or buy more cash and diamonds for upgrades. You can do that, of course, but the amount of money you’d have to throw at the game can get a bit… high. But there is an alternative way, too.

This Dessert Chain Hack will enable you to generate the two main currencies, for free and in any amounts. We have tested this tool over a period of a few days, and looked through the source code provided by the developer. Everything is done well security-wise, our accounts are still fine, although it’s not much of a surprise, taking into consideration how this cheat works. There’s simply no chance of being banned, or getting your resources removed.

Dessert Chain Generator

This hack tool can add the coins and gems without any problems. If you need any help with using it, just click the “Help/Info” button and a pop up window with instructions will appear. It’s rather easy to use anyway, the interface is clean and simple. This version also has an online module that checks for updates automatically and downloads them if they are available. All this means for you is that you won’t have to redownload the hack every time the game updates!

Download below:

Download Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet Cheat

To use this program, download it on your PC, then launch it. Make sure your phone or other mobile device is connected to your PC (you can use USB or Bluetooth), select Android or iOS and press “Connect”. Once connected, use the cash and diamonds fields to type in the amounts you want and press “Start”. That’s it! It shouldn’t take more than a minute to add the resources.