Darkorbit Hack

Darkorbit Hack

Darkorbit is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game set in outer space, where players control a spaceship to battle against NPCs and other players.

The two currencies in the game are credits, and uridium. While credits are relatively easy to acquire, uridium is hard to come by, unless you want to buy it with real-life money.

Being a very popular game (with several millions of active users), Darkorbit attracted the attention of some skilled hackers. Still, there are very few working and real tools for this game, which is why we decided to look for one – and as usual, we brought our best find here to share with you.

Darkorbit Hack

This Darkorbit Hack is a very simple program with powerful capabilities. You can use it to generate credits and uridium, and as much of both of as you want.

We decided to include this particular hack in our directory because of how graceful the code injection is – unlike many other hacks, this one does not brutally barge into the server’s databse to change the values. Instead, an exploit (or a “backdoor” if you prefer) is used to gain access, new values are applied, and the whole process is done, without a trace, meaning your account is perfectly safe.

Download below:


Download Darkorbit Hack