Cross and Crush Hack

Cross and Crush Logo

Cross and Crush is a game created by the company Akadem GmbH. It’s a fun way to spend some time, wrecking havoc and destruction across the available city maps. The gameplay can get rather addicting fast, and while the graphics are simple, they fit the blocky, voxel styled theme of the game. The audio is fine as well, although we’ll probably see little fixes to things like the “double kill!” and “triple kill!” being said at the same time.

Quite frankly, there’s not much to complain about in terms of microtransactions or hindered progress for the people who don’t want to pay. If you do decide to pay, you can buy extra lives, or boosts like the coin magnet, or one that simply gives you 2x the coins you’d normally get. This gives an advantage, of course, and can speed up progress, since you need coins to buy new animals for your sled. We found a tool for this game that adds to it greatly, and allows you to get even more unrestricted enjoyment out of it.

Cross and Crush is still a very fresh game (at the time of this post), and usually we do not add any tools before we can choose from at least a few. This time, however, the program we had the pleasure of testing proved to be a well made tool, with things like security measures already implemented.

Cross and Crush Cheat

As the picture above shows, the cheat is pretty simple to use with its 3 steps, while being quite powerful in what it can do. There are a few options:

  • the first allows you to generate additional coins that will be added to your total coin pool in the game,
  • the second gives you infinite lives – in other words, you cannot lose, and you can continue even if you get caught by the police, fall into a pool etc.
  • the third is, as the name says, a coin magnet that will remain active until you disable it,
  • the fourth gives you the standard x2 coins boost,
  • the fifth allows you to unlock all the animals for your sled, as well as all the maps.

Download below:

Download Cross and Crush Hack

To use the program, download it onto your PC, connect your iOS device (via USB or bluetooth), then press “Connect Your Device”. Once connected, select the features you want and press “Start”. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a minute. If you want to undo any of the changes, you will have to run the hack again. For example, if you only activated the coin magnet, run the hack again and leave everything unchecked, except for coin magnet, to disable it.