City of Steam Hack

City of Steam Hack Tool

City of Steam is a web-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, set in a steampunk-ish world, on the “World Machine, a vast and ancient system of interlocking gears powered by unfathomable energies.”

The concept sounds awesome. What would make the game more enjoyable? Unlimited amounts of every currency, of course. We found just the right tool for the job.

The City of Steam Hack, as seen below, has the largest amount of features out of all the tools we tested. It also comes with some in-built anti-ban features.

City of Steam Electrum Generator

You can use this hack to generate as much electrum as you want, for free, that’s probably the most useful feature. You can also get spiremarks, shillings and keys.

Outside of the currencies, it’s possible to enable god mode (which makes you invincible), one-hit kills and/or auto loot pickup, useful if you don’t have a pet.

Download below:


To use the hack, you must have the game open in your browser (it can be minimized) and be logged in. Type in your email, select the features you want and press “start”. Wait for it to finish then relog and you should see the changes.