City Mania: Town Building Game Hack

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City Mania: Town Building Game is a… town building game, surprisingly. Created by Gameloft and available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PC, this title has plenty in common with Sim City and other similar productions. In addition to this, there are a lot of extra elements and systems in place that make everything “fresh” and really fun. As an example, it’s possible to fuse buildings, which gives them multiple functionalities and bonuses, reduces their water consumption, etc. The city you build is full of bizzies, who are your citizens. You can unlock them, level up and recruit to work in buildings. This gives you further bonuses such as reduced pollution, increased area of effect and so on. Later on you can even send them on errands, or quests with certain goals in mind. Overall, all of the extra mechanics in this game make it so actual city building is only a part of the fun that you can have. The last thing we have to mention here are the graphics and animations, which are simply gorgeous, and add a ton to the feel of the game.

Since you are on this site, and we are writing about this game, it only means one thing – City Mania has flaws. And in-app purchases that get in your way a bit too much. Which is a shame, for such a fantastic production. You are left with three choices – spend a small fortune to enjoy the game, be a free to play player with snail-pace gameplay, or cheat. The first two options are far from ideal, although they could suit some people. We have the third option available, however.

The City Mania: Town Building Game hack is the solution you need. It’s a simple program that we’ve been testing over the past 10 days (at the time of this post, of course). One notable feature is the ability to remove region lock, this will let you play from anywhere in the world. Obviously there’s also the currency generator.

City Mania Hack Tool

Use this hack tool to add unlimited coins and cash to your City Mania account. It’s fairly simple to use and doesn’t take long at all.

Download below:

Download City Mania Cash Generator

This cheat works on all the devices the game works on. To use it, download it first on your PC and unzip it. Make sure to read the “ReadMe” file and follow the instructions. Next, if you are playing on a mobile device, connect it to your PC (via USB or Bluetooth), select its type in the hack – iOS, Android or Windows Phone – and press “Connect”. If you are playing on the PC, make sure the game is running in the background, then select PC and press “Connect”. Once connected, type in the amounts of coins and/or cash that you want to receive and press “Start”. That’s it.

If you want to use the region unlocker, connect your device by following the instructions above, then tick the box next to “remove region lock” and press “Start”. It shouldn’t take long. After it’s done, you will be able to download (or launch) the game without issues. If you are on PC, you don’t have to connect, simply select the option and press “Start”. The program will automatically detect your PC’s operating system and do its magic.

If you need further help, click the “Instructions” button in the hack itself.