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Chess Evolved Online is obviously a chess game, but with some serious twists applied to it. There are a lot of unusual chess pieces, with endless possible strategies and tactics that you can use during a match. Each piece has its own abilities, like shielding others or using magic, plus the whole game has mechanics such as the morale system, which make it much more interesting than a normal game of chess.

There isn’t much to complain about, the developer was nice enough to let players convert the normal currency they earn (Dragon Coins) into premium currency (Rubies), which can be used to acquire new pieces and other things. The only problem is that the whole process may be way too slow for some casual players, who just want to play a few matches after work or during a break.

Fortunately there is a solution – the Chess Evolved hack that can be used to generate any of the two main currencies.

Chess Evolved Online Cheat


As you can see, the Chess Evolved hack is a very simple program and you can use it to add both Dragon Coins and Rubies to your account. You can add as many as the game code allows a single account to have, which is plenty, to say the least – you’d never run out. There are also two more options under the “Extras” section, “Infinite Morale” makes it impossible to lose when you reach zero morale and “Infinite Move Timer” gives you as much time as you’d like to make your move, which is especially useful for the blitz mode. This cheat is using an exploit that allows it to modify the game’s database with no chance of being detected. In other words – you cannot be banned for using it.

Download below:

Download Chess Evolved Online Hack

To use the program, launch it on your computer. The game has to be open in your browser (either on facebook or the kongregate website), once it’s detected you will see a small “Game Detected” text on the hack’s interface. You can then type in the amounts of Dragon Coins and Rubies you want, optionally selecting any of the two extra options, and press “Start”. You don’t have to be in a match for the hack to work. Additionally, the effects of the extra options will persist until you restart the game, but the generated currencies will always be available.