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ChefVille is a restaurant simulation game created by Zynga, available on facebook, as well as the website It is, or at least was, one of the most popular games on facebook, reaching #1 within the first month after its release. Players take on the role of the owner of a restaurant and fulfill many roles – from cooking the food itself, through decorating the building, to acquiring the ingredients. ChefVille also has a few interesting things about the gameplay, such as mastering the dishes, after which the player can receive an actual recipe for the dish by email. Those recipes were created exclusively for Zynga by Chef Matthew Du Trumble and his team.

ChefVille is a very enjoyable game with engaging gameplay and features. Unfortunately, like many modern games, and especially facebook games, there are annoyances such as timers, microtransactions which indirectly use real world currency, and so on. Since it’s such a popular game, we’ve decided to make it more enjoyable for all players, and we now have a working tool for it in our directory.

The ChefVille Hack is a tool that can be easily used to eliminate the need for microtransactions, waiting for timers to pass, etc. It has had many versions in the past so the creators know what they are doing, and the current most stable one, available for download, is the most secure of all the working tools we could find. In very simple terms, it uses a “backdoor” of sorts and injects the new code into ChefVille’s user database, modifying what you specify. It is undetectable, therefore you cannot be banned – to the game servers, it seems as if you’ve really earned or bought the currencies, waited for the timers, etc.

ChefVille Cheats

As can be seen above, this hack can be used to generate coins and cash, the in-game premium currency. It can also be used to get infinite energy (which means it won’t ever drop below the maximum 25), or to disable timers entirely (for example the timers on cooking food, etc.).

Download below:


Download ChefVille Cash Cheats


To use the cheats, launch the hack on your desktop computer. Type in your facebook email, or the email you used while registering on the game’s website, selecting which site you’re playing on. Then, type in the amounts of coins and cash you want to receive, optionally selecting the “Infinite Energy” and “Disable Timers” options. Once that’s done, press “Start” and wait for a short while.

You do not have to be logged into facebook, or the game on for the tool to work, but if you are, you may need to relog to see the changes.