Bubble Island 2: World Tour Hack

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Bubble Island 2 is a puzzle game by Wooga, available for iOS and Android. At the present time, there is no PC version. This title is similar to other popular games of the same genre, such as Candy Crush, but has it’s own style and mechanics. The player goes from level to level, trying to score as many points as possible by using the new physics-based gameplay, chain reactions and unique abilities. The audio and visuals are very well done, amazing even, featuring beautiful art and great sounds.

Now for the bad part – annoying mechanics that are supposed to make you spend an unrealistic amount of money. Well, if you want to progress quickly, that is. Otherwise, this game still remains enjoyable if you play it every now and then for short periods of time. The developer used the standard, tried and tested strategy of increasing difficulty as you climb higher, and limiting lives. Those two plain mechanics will leave you frustrated, and might turn you into a paying customer. A new tool has been developed to eliminate this frustration and allow for a seamless gameplay.

The Bubble Island 2 hack that we tested and added to our listing of tools is fairly complex on the inside, but has a neat interface with just a few straightforward options to choose from.

Bubble Island 2 Cheat

You can clearly see just how powerful this tool is. It’s also secure, by that we mean you will not get banned for using it, which was confirmed by the tests we performed. This is because of the way the hack works – by accessing the local game’s database, modifying the values, and using a glitch to spoof the packets send to one of the servers. This way, the servers “think” everything is legit.

Main features:

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Has an in-built security system that ensures your account won’t get banned
  • Allows you to generate any amount of gold coins, the main currency
  • Has the option to enable infinite powerups and/or infinite lives
  • Is completely free to use and comes with an auto-update feature

Download below:

Download Bubble Island 2: World Tour hack

To use the program, download it onto your PC and launch it. Connect your mobile device (using USB or Bluetooth), then select the appropriate device in the tool’s interface, and press “Connect”. Once that’s done, type in the amount of coins you want to receive, select any of the two additional options if you wish, and press “Start”. Everything should be complete after 1-3 minutes. Enjoy!