Bread Kittens 2 Hack

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Bread Kittens 2 is, as one would suggest from the title, a sequel to another game of the same name. It’s not very easy to classify it when it comes to the genre, although you could say it’s kind of a simple battle/management game, full of adorable kittens fighting other kittens. The player doesn’t have much influence during the battles, aside from tapping the ultimate abilities of each cat. The real core of the gameplay lies in preparation for each of the levels.

At the time of this post, Bread Kittens 2 is only available on iOS. The previous version was also released on Android so we can most likely expect an Android release for the sequel. The graphics and the audio are okay – not breathtaking, but they do have their own style and atmosphere that fits the game.

Microtransactions do exist and the whole app was designed to slowly make you spend a few bucks here and there. We have the standard energy system, a premium currency and a regular currency, all of which are in ample supply at the beginning, but can quickly run out if you play for a while. The only two ways to solve that situation: waiting or paying. Those are not ideal, which is the reason a cheat for this game was created.

The Bread Kittens 2 hack (as seen below) will allow you to play for as much as you want, without the need to spend a dime. There is practically no risk of “bans” of any sort, since the game runs locally for the most part. The program also works in such a way that prevents it from being detected.

Bread Kittens 2 Hack

We have only tested the early version (which was enough, of course!) that supported iOS, but we do know for a fact that if an Android version of the game is released, the author of the hack will update it as well. Since we are unlikely to come back to this post and edit it, we just want to clarify – this and the future versions will include an auto-updater, so your hack will always be up to date.

The main features:

  • Will connect directly to your device – it doesn’t have to be rooted,
  • Has an auto-update feature,
  • Allows you to quickly generate the game’s two main currencies: Catnip and Coins,
  • Allows you to have infinite energy for as long as you want,
  • Is safe to use – the changes won’t be reversed.

This is all you’d ever need, really, since both Catnip and Coins can be used for many things – upgrading skills, purchasing additional skill points, energy, etc.

Download below:

Download Bread Kittens 2 Cheat

Using this program is simple: first, download it onto your PC, then connect your mobile device to your PC via USB or Bluetooth. Next, press the “Connect” button and wait until it’s done, then type in the amounts of Catnip and Coins that you want to receive (optionally choosing the Infinite Energy feature). Press “Start”. The hacking process should be complete in approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Enjoy!