Black Gold Online Hack

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is an MMORPG created by Snail Games. The game combines steampunk with fantasy in its unique world, where the “black gold” is a highly sought-after resource. It is one of the most anticipated MMOs of 2014. Some of the interesting features include two completely different factions, a large variety of races and classes, possessing your own war machines or war beasts, and branch questing – making decisions early in the game will affect the rest of it. At the time of this post, Black Gold Online is in the open beta stage.

Black Gold Online is already being monetized by the publisher. Players can purchase vouchers and top-up their accounts with real money. The game follows the most popular model today – freemium. While it’s free to play and you can get along just fine without paying, paid players always have an advantage. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend your cash on BGO if you use the tool we’ve added to our directory.

The hack for Black Gold Online we’ve acquired will eliminate the need for real money transactions and will also give you an advantage over other players. You practically can’t get banned for hacking the game, because the tool makes it seem as if you really spent money on vouchers, or got other currencies in the game legitimately. There is no difference for the game’s servers, which means you are safe (unless you go around showing off your wealth to every player and telling them how you got it…).

Black Gold Online Hack

The Black Gold Online cheats in this tool are for currencies only – you can generate vouchers (the premium currency), gold (the regular in-game currency), carrier points and black gold.

Download below:


Download Black Gold Online Cheat

To use the hack, run it on your PC, type in your BGO account email and the amounts of vouchers, gold, carrier points and / or black gold that you want to receive. Next, press “Generate” and wait for a short while (usually less than 1 minute).

The hack can be used while you are logged in. It will then add resources to the character you are currently playing, but you might need to relog to see any changes. If you are logged out, the hack will pick the last character you played.