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Bit City is a new game, released recently by the developer NimbleBit, know for a few previous titles, such as Disco Zoo and Tiny Tower. Bit City is essentially a city builder game for mobile devices (iOS and Android). It lets the player design their own cities with a bit of freedom and has multiple levels to go through. Each new level is accessed by reaching a certain population. The game has interesting voxel graphics, which give it a pretty cool style.

The game has two basic currencies – Coins, that you acquire and spend in mass amounts, and Bux, which is kind of a more rare currency. Fortunately, Bux can be obtained by playing, although it can take a long time to get anywhere with it. With that being said, some players may simply not have enough time to sit and tap the screen for hours on end, but still want to have fun and reach the “end stages” of the game. Microtransactions are an option, of course, but there’s a simple tool that we’ve added to our directory that can get the job done, too.

This Bit City hack is what we’re talking about. There are just a few such tools available if you dig deep enough, but we decided this one is superior, mainly due to how it works in regards to security. With how the game is coded, and how this hack accesses the local and remote files, it is pretty much impossible to get banned, because the changes are not detectable.

Bit City Generator

There really is little more to say about this cheat program, the interface is straightforward and easy to use. There’s also an in-built auto update feature that quickly checks for new updates every time you launch the hack. You don’t even have to do anything yourself – if there is an update, it gets downloaded, applied to the program which then restars and you are ready to go!

Download below:

Download Bit City Hack

After downloading all you have to do is launch the hack, connect your mobile device – connect it to your PC via USB, bluetooth or any other method – press “Connect to Mobile Device”, type in the amounts of Coins and Bux you want to receive, and hit “Start”. That’s it!