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Big Win Football is a game created by HotHead Games. It has elements from two main genres – trading card games (TCG) and fantasy football. The objective of the game is to gather cards of football players, build and manage your own team, play games, make the right decisions, improve and, of course, win as much as possible.

Just like Big Win Basketball, Big Win Football doesn’t put too much emphasis on in-app purchases where you have to spend real money, and you can play just fine without any investments. Like with many other games, however, spending your hard earned cash on this title will speed up your progress, give you access to rare cards of powerful players and provide an advantage during the matches. Fortunately, with the new tool in our directory you won’t have to spend money on this game ever again.

The Big Win Football Hack is a program that was designed with security in mind. It simulates real user behavior, which means it’s as if you bought the in-game currency yourself, technically speaking – there is no difference to game servers. Because of that, there’s no risk of bans or the changes being reversed, which was proved by our tests.

Big Win Football Hack

As you can see above, this cheat can be used to generate any amount of Big Bucks, the game’s premium currency, for free.

Download below:


Download Big Win Football Bucks Hack


To use the hack, connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, then launch the program. Select your device type (iOS or Android) and press “Connect”. Once connected, type in the amount of Big Bucks you want to add and press “Start”. It shouldn’t take more than 1 minute.