Baseball Star Hack 2017

Baseball Star Logo

Baseball Star is a 3D mobile game that’s all about baseball, as the name suggests. It was developed by Playus Soft and is available for iOS and Android. This game features different play modes, from being on the field and controlling characters yourself, to a management-style simulation. It also has elements of a TCG, with cards and card packs available for purchase. The graphics are quite unique, even if they are sometimes lacking, there is still detail where it is needed.

Baseball Star is an enjoyable game, but like most mobile productions, it suffers from a few flaws. Having good cards, and good players, is often essential. Getting those cards and players can be a problem since you have to buy a lot of card packs to get anything decent. Even if those packs have “guaranteed” drops, not getting those drops does happen. Which is a bit shameful, and really ridiculous, since you have to spent real money on those packs. The only acceptable solution in this case is a hack for the game.

The Baseball Star hack tool that we’ve added to our directory is a relatively small program that can be used to add both BP and CP, the game’s main currencies. There is no risk of getting banned – this cheat is very secure, and we did test that over a period of over 2 weeks.

Baseball Star Hack

As the picture shows, the tool is very easy to use. If you need any help, you can read the short instructions at the bottom of this page.

Download below:

Download Baseball Star BP and CP generator

First, download the program on your PC. Unzip it, read the ReadMe file and make sure to follow the instructions in that file. Next, Connect your mobile device to your PC (via USB or Bluetooth), then launch the hack. Select your device type (iOS or Android) and press connect. This shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Once connected, type in the amounts of BP and/or CP that you want to receive, and press start. Wait for the confirmation message and enjoy!