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Klondike: The Lost Expedition Hack

Klondike Logo

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is a farming simulator game created by Vizor Interactive, and is available on Facebook. Most of its features are just like in all the other games of the same genre, like Hay Day or Pioneer Trail. You start off with a small plot of land where you can build various buildings, grow plants and so on. Klondike is a great, polished game, with its own neat features like the possibility of going on expeditions, completing quests, trading and playing with your friends, all in a very aesthetically pleasing environment.

As great as the game is (for Facebook’s standards), there are of course things like timers, an energy system and a premium currency, which can be bought for real world money. While doing all of the initial quests, you will be supplied with generous amounts of energy, coins and all the goods, but as you progress through the game, the timers will get much more annoying, you will be constantly out of energy, and many of the good things will be only accessible with the premium currency. This is a rather common strategy in today’s freemium games industry, but we have a tool which can get rid of all the commercial features of the game, and make it much more enjoyable for you.
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ChefVille Hack

ChefVille Logo

ChefVille is a restaurant simulation game created by Zynga, available on facebook, as well as the website It is, or at least was, one of the most popular games on facebook, reaching #1 within the first month after its release. Players take on the role of the owner of a restaurant and fulfill many roles – from cooking the food itself, through decorating the building, to acquiring the ingredients. ChefVille also has a few interesting things about the gameplay, such as mastering the dishes, after which the player can receive an actual recipe for the dish by email. Those recipes were created exclusively for Zynga by Chef Matthew Du Trumble and his team.

ChefVille is a very enjoyable game with engaging gameplay and features. Unfortunately, like many modern games, and especially facebook games, there are annoyances such as timers, microtransactions which indirectly use real world currency, and so on. Since it’s such a popular game, we’ve decided to make it more enjoyable for all players, and we now have a working tool for it in our directory.
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Sunshine Bay Hack

Sunshine Bay Logo

Sunshine Bay is a simulation game created by Game Insight. You start as the owner of a small island, and the objective is to build a dream resort and a vacation center for everybody, full of luxury hotels, yachts and various forms of entertainment. The game also has interesting quests, revolving around old treasure maps, sea monsters and the like. You can play with your friends and visit their islands, too.

Sunshine Bay is a good game if you want to spend a few minutes each day managing the island, but all the timers and the constant lack of resources and passengers can get irritating pretty fast. Because of that, we went ahead and searched the internet for a good tool for the game, and added one to our directory.
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Lord of Ages Hack

Lord of Ages Logo

Lord of Ages is a browser-based strategy game created by Aeria Games. It is currently available on facebook and on the Aeria Games website, as a standalone version. It’s similar in design to other such games, like Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames, and consists of building your empire from the ground up, setting up production buildings and all other facilities. The game also has PvP elements, it’s possible to attack others and plunder their resources. The graphics are nothing special but they are up to this genre’s standards.

Lord of Ages is a freemium game (a model seen so often today), which means it is initially free to play, but to progress fast and be on the same level as the top players, you will have to pay real money. You can buy the in-game premium currency called G-cash, and exchange it for many things, including resources and the ability to skip timers.
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Atlantis Fantasy Hack

Atlantis Fantasy Logo

Atlantis Fantasy is a city building game created by the company Kobojo. It takes place in the underwater city of Atlantis, and your objective is to rebuild it while maintaining its citizens’ happiness. The idea behind this game is pretty fresh, the mechanics – not so much. It is a tried and tested genre, backed up with beautiful graphics and great, atmospheric music, which makes for some enjoyable gameplay.

Atlantis Fantasy has three of the most popular elements in today’s freemium games – an energy system, timers, and a premium currency. It is a good game if you want to log in occasionally, click a few times, manage the city and log off after 10 minutes, but that’s not what games should be about, at least not city builders. That’s why we’ve searched for a tool for this game, and added the best one to the directory.
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