Aura Kingdom Hack

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Aura Kingdom is a free to play MMO created by Aeria Games. It’s a title with pretty anime inspired graphics, atmospheric music, a somewhat engaging story and a Final Fantasy “feel”.

Like with most Aeria games, the cash shop is packed with items to enhance your gameplay and gain advantage over other players. It’s kind of surprising though, as you can earn end-game gear through regular gameplay, and the cash shop doesn’t really feel like a necessity. It is there for a reason, of course, and because of that we decided to include a working tool for Aura Kingdom in our directory.

The Aura Kingdom hack we acquired is a great tool that can be used to gain the hard currency for free. The program also comes with an auto-update feature, as well as in-built security measures that make the changes undetectable to the game’s servers.

Aura Kingdom Hack

This cheat tool can be used to generate any amount of gold, loyalty points or aeria points. It can also be used to modify damage and speed of your character, and enable god-mode (invincibility).

Download below:


Download Aura Kingdom Hack


To use the hack, launch it and type in your Aura Kingdom email. Next, select the features you want and press “Start”.