Atlantis Fantasy Hack

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Atlantis Fantasy is a city building game created by the company Kobojo. It takes place in the underwater city of Atlantis, and your objective is to rebuild it while maintaining its citizens’ happiness. The idea behind this game is pretty fresh, the mechanics – not so much. It is a tried and tested genre, backed up with beautiful graphics and great, atmospheric music, which makes for some enjoyable gameplay.

Atlantis Fantasy has three of the most popular elements in today’s freemium games – an energy system, timers, and a premium currency. It is a good game if you want to log in occasionally, click a few times, manage the city and log off after 10 minutes, but that’s not what games should be about, at least not city builders. That’s why we’ve searched for a tool for this game, and added the best one to the directory.

The Atlantis Fantasy Hack posted below can be used to safely add any amount of the main resources or completely eliminate the timers or the energy system. This program has been proven to be very secure, as the process it uses to access the servers and modify the game properties is undetectable, which means you won’t ever be banned for using it, and the changes won’t be reversed.

Atlantis Fantasy Pearls Hack

As you can see above, this cheat can be used to get unlimited pearls or gold. You can also use it to add energy points, or enable infinite energy, as well as disable all timers, which means all actions will be completed instantly.

Download below:


Download Atlantis Fantasy Cheats


To use the hack, launch it on your desktop computer (you don’t need the game to be open). Type in your facebook email address, then the amount of pearls and gold that you want to receive, optionally selecting any of the features. Press “Start” and wait for up to 1 minute, the hacking process shouldn’t take longer.