Art of Conquest Hack 2017

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Art of Conquest is an MMO/RTS game by Lilith Games (also knows as Lilith Mobile). It’s a really great and innovative mix of a few genres. You can play as a character on a huge world map, discovering new places, gathering resources, and battling enemies together with your army. On the other side of this game is kingdom management – upgrading your city, constructing new buildings, managing your armies by recruiting new units and healing wounded soldiers, and so on. Lots of other small elements make the gameplay even more rich, such as having heroes with their own abilities, who can level up and improve throughout the game. The audio-visual aspect also deserves a note – the graphics are very nicely done, and the audio is on a professional level.

No game is without flaws. Art of Conquest had a lot of time before the official, full release, so naturally it’s a very polished game. But as such, it’s a product that’s supposed to make money – which is not surprising, or even that bad, considering the quality. But despite the fresh and cool ideas that this game brings, there are also all the annoying elements that everyone knows. Ridiculous timers or advantages for paying players, for example.

If you feel that the game is too slow and annoying, good news: it can be solved easily. The Art of Conquest hack that we found recently and added to our directory has a lot of interesting features. It can generate all of the main resources in the game (Linari, Wood, Elixir, Gold, Blood Diamonds, Mithril, Crystals), with the added option of disabling all timers, which will make everything instant – from the recruitment of new units to construction and research.

Art of Conquest Hack

This picture shows the main interface of the hack. It’s a program that works on both Android and iOS, and can be launched directly on your mobile device. We have tested this tool extensively over a period of two weeks. All of our test accounts are still fine, with the resources intact. This hack is safe to use because of the way it works – by connecting to the game’s database with the use of a glitch, which allows it “backdoor” access and the ability to make undetectable changes.

To download, pick one of the versions below.

Android Version – .apk download:

Download Art of Conquest Android Cheat


iOS Version – .ipa download:

Download Art of Conquest iOS Cheat

After you download the right version, all you have to do is launch the app, tap the “Connect to Player Account” button and wait for a short while. Of course, this has to be done on the same device on which you play the game. The app will notify you once it’s connected. Next, you can type in the amounts of resources that you want to receive, optionally select the “Disable All Timers” option and tap “Start”. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a minute. Remember that you can also tap the “Instructions” button to get further help. Have fun!