Airport City Hack

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Airport City is a management, world-building game in which you are building an airport from scratch. It’s pretty fun at its core, and there are some surprising elements, such as building houses for your future passengers.

Airport City is a “freemium” model game, which means you can, theoretically, progress through it without paying anything. But by the seventh level, nearly everything pushes you to pay, or wait for many hours or days. Sounds like the opposite of fun, but we found a tool that can help greatly.

We’ve got a simple tool to restore the fun, the Airport City Hack.

Airport City Hack

This hack can be used to easily generate and add as many coins or banknotes as you want (and for free, of course).

Download below:


Download Airport City Hack

Connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, then launch the hack. Select either “Android” or “iOS” (depending on your mobile device) and press “Connect”. Once it’s connected, type in the amounts of coins or banknotes that you want, and press “Generate”.

If you are playing the game on facebook on your desktop computer, just skip the mobile device connecting step and generate the currencies right away.