We at Hack Crest (hackcrest.com) are a group of like-minded people who believe games and apps should be all about fun and user engagement. No game should be enjoyable at the cost of a drained bank account.

There are many examples of models that work well for the companies running them, such as monthly subscriptions, “freemium” or the new trend of in-game micro transactions.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive and easy to use directory containing thousands of tools (hacks, generators, trainers, you name it) for any game you’d want to play and enjoy, without the risk of infecting your computer.

Most of the members of our group have a background in programming and development of various kinds of applications.
Our group:

ursa_major – Group Leader, developer
Josef Loukota – developer
RoosVos – research, management
theMobiLiZer – research
Crescent Moon – content management, website development

We hope you’ll understand why we cannot disclose our real names! :)

If you want to contact our team (or an individual member) you can do so by email: cqswing (at) hackcrest.com


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