9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball Hack

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9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball is a baseball simulation game created by Com2uS. It’s available for Android and iOS, and uses real data (photos, league schedules, names) of the players.

The game in its current state is pretty okay, although it could use a few tweaks to make it more enjoyable. The AI tends to be difficult and some controls can be annoying. Fortunately, we found a decent hack tool for this game, which can be used to squeeze more fun out of it.

The 9 Innings 2014 Hack is a simple tool that can be used to cheat the game. It uses a few powerful security measures that practically guarantee the changes you make won’t be reversed.

9 Innings 2014 Pro Baseball Cheats

This 9 Innings 2014 Hack can be used to generate both stars and points, in any amounts. With these features, you won’t ever have to pay for any in-app purchases in this game.

Download below:


Download 9 Innings 2014 Pro Baseball Hack


To use the cheat, simply connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, then launch the hack, select your device (iOS or Android) and press “Connect”. Once connected, type in the amount of Stars or Points that you want and press “Start”.