Art of Conquest Hack 2017

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Art of Conquest is an MMO/RTS game by Lilith Games (also knows as Lilith Mobile). It’s a really great and innovative mix of a few genres. You can play as a character on a huge world map, discovering new places, gathering resources, and battling enemies together with your army. On the other side of this game is kingdom management – upgrading your city, constructing new buildings, managing your armies by recruiting new units and healing wounded soldiers, and so on. Lots of other small elements make the gameplay even more rich, such as having heroes with their own abilities, who can level up and improve throughout the game. The audio-visual aspect also deserves a note – the graphics are very nicely done, and the audio is on a professional level.

No game is without flaws. Art of Conquest had a lot of time before the official, full release, so naturally it’s a very polished game. But as such, it’s a product that’s supposed to make money – which is not surprising, or even that bad, considering the quality. But despite the fresh and cool ideas that this game brings, there are also all the annoying elements that everyone knows. Ridiculous timers or advantages for paying players, for example.
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Gummy Drop Hack 2017

Gummy Drop Logo

Gummy Drop is a match-3 type of a game, created by Big Fish Games. At its core it’s nothing new, but it has some interesting features and a lot of little things to make the gameplay more engaging. Additionally, the graphics and sounds are on a professional level, which gives this game a very polished feel.

If you’ve played other games of this type, you know exactly what to expect. Limited lives that replenish over time, hundreds of levels that get progressively more difficult, boosters that you can use to mow through the levels like crazy, and so on. Of course, boosters aren’t free, although you do get them as a reward from time to time, but it’s not nearly enough to make a difference. It’s just a way to show you how cool they are, and that you should definitely throw your money at the game.
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City Mania: Town Building Game Hack

City Mania Logo

City Mania: Town Building Game is a… town building game, surprisingly. Created by Gameloft and available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PC, this title has plenty in common with Sim City and other similar productions. In addition to this, there are a lot of extra elements and systems in place that make everything “fresh” and really fun. As an example, it’s possible to fuse buildings, which gives them multiple functionalities and bonuses, reduces their water consumption, etc. The city you build is full of bizzies, who are your citizens. You can unlock them, level up and recruit to work in buildings. This gives you further bonuses such as reduced pollution, increased area of effect and so on. Later on you can even send them on errands, or quests with certain goals in mind. Overall, all of the extra mechanics in this game make it so actual city building is only a part of the fun that you can have. The last thing we have to mention here are the graphics and animations, which are simply gorgeous, and add a ton to the feel of the game.

Since you are on this site, and we are writing about this game, it only means one thing – City Mania has flaws. And in-app purchases that get in your way a bit too much. Which is a shame, for such a fantastic production. You are left with three choices – spend a small fortune to enjoy the game, be a free to play player with snail-pace gameplay, or cheat. The first two options are far from ideal, although they could suit some people. We have the third option available, however.

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Baseball Star Hack 2017

Baseball Star Logo

Baseball Star is a 3D mobile game that’s all about baseball, as the name suggests. It was developed by Playus Soft and is available for iOS and Android. This game features different play modes, from being on the field and controlling characters yourself, to a management-style simulation. It also has elements of a TCG, with cards and card packs available for purchase. The graphics are quite unique, even if they are sometimes lacking, there is still detail where it is needed.

Baseball Star is an enjoyable game, but like most mobile productions, it suffers from a few flaws. Having good cards, and good players, is often essential. Getting those cards and players can be a problem since you have to buy a lot of card packs to get anything decent. Even if those packs have “guaranteed” drops, not getting those drops does happen. Which is a bit shameful, and really ridiculous, since you have to spent real money on those packs. The only acceptable solution in this case is a hack for the game.
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Elvenar Hack 2017

Elvenar Logo

Elvenar is a browser-based, strategy and city building game, created by InnoGames. At the beginning, the player has a choice of playing as humans or elves. Next comes a pretty short tutorial that introduces the player to the basic ideas of the game. From that point on, we are on our own. There’s a good amount of complexity and things to do, from building the city itself – which includes design, proper road connections, decorative buildings that increase culture – to training an army and combat.

There are things we can complain about, however. This game is free to play. You can play for as long as you want without paying a dime, but obviously paying players receive many benefits. So it is essentially a pay to win experience which we all hate so much. If you buy lots of diamonds, you can get more builders, cut building/production times, get resources easily and so on. So you throw your money at the game – you achieve MUCH faster progress. If you are reading this you’d probably agree this isn’t very fair.
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