Order and Chaos Duels Hack

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Order & Chaos Duels is a TCG developed by Gameloft for iOS and Android mobile devices. Its universe is based on that of Order & Chaos Online, an MMORPG by the same developer, so it has a pretty solid ground to stand on. The art, both the graphics and the audio, are of high quality with not much to complain about. It’s not very surprising that the game quickly gained a massive fanbase, with many thousands of people playing, which can only be viewed as a positive thing.

Looking at the cons leaves us with a bit of an unpleasant feeling, though. Sure you can play this title at your own pace, without worrying about all the premium content, packs and whatnot. It goes without saying, however, that premium players have a much better experience. By premium we mean anyone who spends a considerable amount of money on runes or gold, both of which can (and will) make the gameplay much more enjoyable. It’s difficult to build a good deck without tons of runes.
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Bubble Island 2: World Tour Hack

Bubble Island 2: World Tour Logo

Bubble Island 2 is a puzzle game by Wooga, available for iOS and Android. At the present time, there is no PC version. This title is similar to other popular games of the same genre, such as Candy Crush, but has it’s own style and mechanics. The player goes from level to level, trying to score as many points as possible by using the new physics-based gameplay, chain reactions and unique abilities. The audio and visuals are very well done, amazing even, featuring beautiful art and great sounds.

Now for the bad part – annoying mechanics that are supposed to make you spend an unrealistic amount of money. Well, if you want to progress quickly, that is. Otherwise, this game still remains enjoyable if you play it every now and then for short periods of time. The developer used the standard, tried and tested strategy of increasing difficulty as you climb higher, and limiting lives. Those two plain mechanics will leave you frustrated, and might turn you into a paying customer. A new tool has been developed to eliminate this frustration and allow for a seamless gameplay.
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Tale Seeker Hack

Tale Seeker Logo

Tale Seeker is a trading card game by Sway Mobile Inc., available on Android devices. The game features a lot of seemingly random characters (which are in the public domain), which kind of makes sense if you think about it – you are supposed to visit various famous worlds. The graphics are okay, although they may seem out of place sometimes. The audio is fine as well. When it comes to the actual gameplay, it will most likely be confusing at first, but you should get the hang of it eventually. Combat has plenty of subtle complexity, like matching your cards against a particular enemy, eg. fire vs water.

This is a freemium title so it’s obvious it can be a money grab, especially with the high price tags on some purchases. Having a ton of diamonds or the money to buy other things is sure to speed up progress and make things less frustrating. If you are unwilling to spend a lot of money, you will have a tougher time than paying players. A tool was created precisely because of this gap between free and premium gameplay, one that will allow you to cheat and get what you want for free.
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Mabinogi Duel Hack

Mabinogi Duel Logo

Mabinogi Duel is a trading card game available for Android and iOS. Developed by NEXON Company, it’s one of the better TCG available, with a lot of good quality content including both graphics and audio. The story told within the game is also a very strong component, which makes Mabinogi a good choice for all the players who enjoy role playing. Another decent and engaging aspect of the game are the arenas and PvP – this is where your skills, and your deck, are put to a true test.

When it comes to all the premium stuff, there’s plenty to choose from. Memberships, gems, packs – it’s all here.¬†Unfortunately, not everyone can pay, especially for the larger offers, like the 1300 gems pack. Simply put, paying players have a much better time than free-2-play players. This is very common, obviously, but still not acceptable. That’s why the most recent tool added to our directory is the one for Mabinogi Duel.
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Bread Kittens 2 Hack

Bread Kittens 2 Logo

Bread Kittens 2 is, as one would suggest from the title, a sequel to another game of the same name. It’s not very easy to classify it when it comes to the genre, although you could say it’s kind of a simple battle/management game, full of adorable kittens fighting other kittens. The player doesn’t have much influence during the battles, aside from tapping the ultimate abilities of each cat. The real core of the gameplay lies in preparation for each of the levels.

At the time of this post, Bread Kittens 2 is only available on iOS. The previous version was also released on Android so we can most likely expect an Android release for the sequel. The graphics and the audio are okay – not breathtaking, but they do have their own style and atmosphere that fits the game.

Microtransactions do exist and the whole app was designed to slowly make you spend a few bucks here and there. We have the standard energy system, a premium currency and a regular currency, all of which are in ample supply at the beginning, but can quickly run out if you play for a while. The only two ways to solve that situation: waiting or paying. Those are not ideal, which is the reason a cheat for this game was created.
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