Elvenar Hack 2017

Elvenar Logo

Elvenar is a browser-based, strategy and city building game, created by InnoGames. At the beginning, the player has a choice of playing as humans or elves. Next comes a pretty short tutorial that introduces the player to the basic ideas of the game. From that point on, we are on our own. There’s a good amount of complexity and things to do, from building the city itself – which includes design, proper road connections, decorative buildings that increase culture – to training an army and combat.

There are things we can complain about, however. This game is free to play. You can play for as long as you want without paying a dime, but obviously paying players receive many benefits. So it is essentially a pay to win experience which we all hate so much. If you buy lots of diamonds, you can get more builders, cut building/production times, get resources easily and so on. So you throw your money at the game – you achieve MUCH faster progress. If you are reading this you’d probably agree this isn’t very fair.
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Robocraft Hack

Robocraft Hack

Robocraft is a free online game, where you can build your own vehicles and fight with them online. The game is developed by FreeJam.

In the early stages of the game it was possible to hack it using very simple methods (with cheat engine, for example). It’s definitely not that easy anymore, but there are working tools for Robocraft, and one of them has just been added to our directory.
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Foodpia Tycoon Hack

Foodpia Tycoon Logo

Foodpia Tycoon is a simulation and management game where you buy areas in town to fill with your restaurants. It was created by STORMX and released for iOS and Android. The idea is simple and a lot of the game is just about tapping to collect money, then tapping to buy/upgrade stuff, but it’s done well and can be fun. So far, the game has received very positive ratings on google play and the app store.

There aren’t many things to complain about. The ads can be a bit annoying at times. Foodpia Tycoon isn’t for everybody, that’s for sure, and even players who do find it entertaining can get bored from the repetitive grind. The obvious solution to that is spending real money on Rubies, so that you can progress much faster. Which is exactly what they expect from you – a cycle of frustration (or boredom) and spending money. We have a solution for that.
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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Hack

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Logo

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a new game released by NEXON. It’s a free to play ARPG / hack and slash game that takes you through a series of missions where you slaughter masses of enemies, and to be honest, it is fun. The graphics are not breathtaking, but they can look pretty good, especially in some cutscenes. On top of all of this is a story that some players may find interesting, but in the end it’s all about swinging your weapons, furiously, in all directions.

Receiving mostly favorable reviews, this title is a nice, solid addition to the series. It’s quite nostalgic for a lot of players, but of course no game is perfect. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed suffers from a few annoying flaws. End-game tends to be grindy, pvp is obviously imbalanced because of players that buy tons of ingots, and so on. In general, it’s a tough place for free players, which is a shame really, since the game can be so much fun if you have all the resources you need.
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Dessert Chain: Coffee and Sweet Hack

Dessert Chain Coffee and Sweet Logo

Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet is a time management game created by Touchten. The player goes through a series of levels, each with increasing difficulty, serving customers. The goal is to give each customer what they want before they get too impatient and leave. It’s a simple idea that’s been used before, but it does work. There may still be some issues with balancing, namely the customers seem to get too impatient too quickly, especially at the beginning before you are able to buy any upgrades. The graphics and audio are fine, perhaps they are not the top-tier perfect level, but there isn’t much to complain about.

We imagine this game can get a bit addictive, but it may be annoying to play for extended periods of time, especially with the issue mentioned above. Besides, it does take time to get anything decent in this game, which is supposed to force the player to either grind through the levels, or buy more cash and diamonds for upgrades. You can do that, of course, but the amount of money you’d have to throw at the game can get a bit… high. But there is an alternative way, too.
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