Hockey Stars Hack

Hockey Stars Logo

Hockey Stars is a sports game available on mobile iOS and Android devices. Its main focus is on multiplayer gameplay, playing match after match against other players and climbing the rankings. The graphics and audio are okay for this kind of a game, still, they aren’t anything special.

Hockey Stars is often compared to Soccer Stars, another game by Miniclip. The opinions are mixed – some people claim Soccer Stars is better, others don’t. Regardless, there is a lot that could be improved but won’t be, because the developer wants to make as much money as possible. Because of this players have to pay out of their pocket quite often if they want to get somewhere. This is where we come in with a Hockey Stars hack that we found and added to our directory.
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Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D Hack

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D Hack

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D is a mobile action / simulation game available on iOS and Android devices. The game is mostly about air battles, although there are tanks and other ground objects. Even without multiplayer gameplay this title can still be competitive because of the online rankings, and the possibility of comparing your score to that of your friends.

Gunship Battle is the kind of mobile game that still has premium currencies and microtransactions, despite being single player… actually wait, all mobile games are like that. Anyway, this is the reason some cheats were created and we searched the internet to bring you the best one.
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Chess Evolved Online Hack

Chess Evolved Online Logo

Chess Evolved Online is obviously a chess game, but with some serious twists applied to it. There are a lot of unusual chess pieces, with endless possible strategies and tactics that you can use during a match. Each piece has its own abilities, like shielding others or using magic, plus the whole game has mechanics such as the morale system, which make it much more interesting than a normal game of chess.

There isn’t much to complain about, the developer was nice enough to let players convert the normal currency they earn (Dragon Coins) into premium currency (Rubies), which can be used to acquire new pieces and other things. The only problem is that the whole process may be way too slow for some casual players, who just want to play a few matches after work or during a break.
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Iron Force Hack

Iron Force Logo

Iron Force is a game from Chillingo and Cool Fish Games that’s all about tanks. Basically, it’s World of Tanks on mobile devices. Of course it offers less features than its PC counterpart, but that’s understandable. The graphics are decent for a mobile game and it can be a lot of fun to play.

BUT, and that’s a huge but, there are many flaws and annoyances that make the game impossible to enjoy for a lot of people. Let’s start with the simple fact that Iron Force is pay to win, at least in some ways. The best tanks cost a lot of money and only people with plenty of diamonds (the game’s premium currency) can get them quickly. Tank upgrades take time, and you can skip the timers if you use diamonds. Then there are paints and decals that significantly increase your damage, armor or speed, and so on. Not to mention hackers and updates that erase all of the progress of some people.
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SOL Stone of Life Hack

SOL Stone of Life Logo

SOL: Stone of Life is a fantasy action RPG for iOS and Android, created by Oddy Arts. It’s a top-view game that carries some similarities to Diablo, for example, as it is a hack n slash game at its core. The player goes from dungeon to dungeon, clearing waves of enemies on his or her way to the final encounter with a much tougher boss. It’s also possible to buy items such as potions, armor or weapons from merchants to further improve your hero.

This game if fairly enjoyable, definitely one of the better titles when it comes to in-app purchases, although it can become a grindfest later on, or you may sometimes find yourself in need of gold or other supplies. There is a premium currency, gems, that you can use to get more gold and a lot of different items to help your character. Of course you have to pay real money to get them, which is far from ideal, so we added a SOL Stone of Life hack to our directory.
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